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We empower your campaigns with precision and intelligence by providing access to over 32,000+ datasets. These datasets are pivotal for crafting a highly targeted audience using geolocation, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral information, not only to tailor your audience but also to track post-exposure activities.

Comprehensive Data Sets

Geolocation Data

  • Source: Major mobile carrier networks.

  • Use: Target ad placements based on consumers' past visits and their current location.

Audience Segmentation Data

  • Providers: Renowned data providers such as Nielsen, IBM, and Google.

  • Use: Segment your audience for tailored advertising strategies.

Enrichment Data

  • Partners: Clearbit, FullContact, Hunter, and more.

  • Use: Enrich your existing databases to better understand and reach out to potential customers.

Application of Data

Our data solutions are designed to enhance your media and marketing initiatives by:

  • Creating precise target audiences for effective ad placements.

  • Enabling post-exposure tracking to measure campaign effectiveness.

  • Facilitating direct contact with active buyers most likely to engage with your product or service.

Engagement with Five Tier

  1. Inquiry: Reach out to us with your specific data requirements.

  2. Consultation: Our team will engage with you to understand and meet your data needs.

  3. Activation: Upon collaboration, we will integrate these data solutions into your marketing programs, helping you make data-driven decisions.

How to Get Started

  • Contact: For a deeper dive into how our data solutions can revolutionize your marketing efforts, contact us at (844) 282-4376.

  • Location: Visit us at 39 West 38th Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10018.

Our skilled team is available from 8 AM to 8 PM Monday through Friday, with 24/7 support to resolve your queries and get your data solutions in place.

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