Distribution Networks


We offer robust distribution networks that ensure your message reaches your audience through the most effective channels. Our integrated approach includes email, text messaging (SMS), social media, and direct mail, allowing you to nurture leads and enhance conversions.

Our Partnerships

To provide seamless and efficient distribution, we have partnered with industry leaders:


  • Service: Advanced cloud communications platform for SMS.

  • Benefit: Enables instant engagement with leads via text messaging.

USPS (United States Postal Service)

  • Service: Mail and postal services.

  • Benefit: Delivers physical marketing materials directly to your audience's mailboxes.


  • Service: Cloud-based email delivery service.

  • Benefit: Offers reliable email distribution to engage with leads effectively.

These partnerships are leveraged to place powerful direct marketing tools at your disposal, ensuring that interested leads can be engaged across multiple channels without the need to switch between different platforms.

Integration and Ease of Use

  • Single Platform: Manage all your direct marketing efforts from one place.

  • Instant Engagement: Quickly respond to lead interactions and interest.

  • Cross-Channel Coordination: Ensure a consistent message across all points of contact.

Getting Started

  1. Contact: Connect with us to tailor a distribution strategy suited to your needs.

  2. Consultation: Receive expert advice and insights on the best distribution mix for your campaigns.

  3. Execution: Launch your campaigns with the full support of our distribution networks, knowing that your marketing materials are in expert hands.

Connect With Us

  • Inquiry: To explore how our distribution networks can amplify your marketing campaigns, please reach out to us at (844) 282-4376.

  • Visit: Our offices are located at 39 West 38th Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10018.

Our dedicated support and sales team are available from 8 AM to 8 PM Monday through Friday, with 24/7 assistance available to address your queries and set up your distribution network.

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