Software Features

Comprehensive Business Solutions

We have crafted a platform that does more than just advertise and analyze; it equips you with a comprehensive suite of tools to start, manage, and expand your business with efficiency and ease.

Feature Highlights

Instant Account Creation

  • Accessibility: Start immediately with a free account setup.

  • Simplicity: Gain access to our platform features right after logging in.

Pay As You Go Pricing

  • Flexibility: Choose monthly or opt for discounted long-term pricing.

  • Control: Only pay for what you use, when you use it.

Target Audience Builder

  • Precision: Utilize over 32,000 data sets for targeted marketing.

  • Innovation: Advanced geolocation ad targeting and fencing capabilities.

Media Planning and Buying

  • Efficiency: Streamline the media buying process with integrated tools.

  • Integration: Retarget across email, text, direct mail, and social media.

List Building Tools

  • Growth: Build B2C and B2B lists using platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn.

  • Outreach: Engage with your audience through effective list-building strategies.

Task and Time Management

  • Productivity: Manage tasks and time within the same ecosystem.

  • Organization: Keep your business processes orderly and on track.

Multi-Level Account Management

  • Scalability: Manage sub-accounts with varying levels of access.

  • Customization: Adjust margins and permissions for child accounts.

Mobile Application

  • Accessibility: Access Five Tier on the go with iOS and Android apps.

  • Convenience: Manage your campaigns from anywhere, at any time.

Agency Gray Label Service

  • Versatility: Offer Five Tier's services under your agency's branding.

  • Expansion: Extend your agency's offerings with our full feature set.

Getting Started

Creating your free account with Five Tier is just the beginning. Answering a few quick questions about your company size and revenue will tailor the platform setup to your specific needs, ensuring a customized experience.

Request a Demo

For a more in-depth look at our software features, including the Audience Builder, Media Buyer, and more, request a demo:

  • Phone: (844) 282-4376

  • Location: 39 West 38th Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10018

  • Availability: Our support and sales team are on standby from 8 AM - 8 PM, Monday through Friday, with 24/7 service available for your convenience.

To explore how Five Tier's software can revolutionize your business operations, please get in touch with us. We’re ready to assist you in leveraging our platform to its full potential.

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