Add Users to Your Account

This document provides a step-by-step guide on adding additional users to your account on the Five Tier Connect platform.

  1. Accessing the User Management Area:

    • Log in to your Five Tier Connect account.

    • From your main dashboard, locate and select the 'User Management' or 'Settings' option (the exact wording may vary).

  2. Initiate the Add User Process:

    • Within the User Management section, look for an option titled 'Add User', 'Invite User', or similar.

    • Click this to begin the process of adding a new user.

  3. Enter User Details:

    • Provide the first and last name of the user you wish to add.

    • Enter the user's email address. This will be used for their account creation and notification.

    • Assign a role to the new user, which determines the level of access and permissions they will have within the platform.

  4. Set Permissions:

    • Depending on the role selected, set specific permissions for the user.

    • Choose which sections of the platform the user can view or edit.

  5. Review and Send Invitation:

    • Before sending the invitation, review the details entered to ensure accuracy.

    • Click 'Send Invitation' or a similar button to email the invitation to the new user.

  6. User Acceptance:

    • The user will receive an email with an invitation to join the Five Tier Connect account.

    • They must follow the instructions in the email to set up their account and confirm their email address.

  7. Confirmation and Follow-Up:

    • Once the new user has accepted the invitation and completed their setup, you will receive a notification.

    • Check in with the new user to confirm they have access to the necessary parts of the platform.

Best Practices

  • Verify the email address of the user before sending an invitation to prevent access issues.

  • Communicate with the user to inform them of the pending invitation and their role within the platform.

  • Regularly review user access levels and permissions to maintain security and effective management of your Five Tier Connect account.

Adding users to your Five Tier Connect account allows for collaboration and efficient management of campaigns and analytics. By following these steps, you can ensure that your team members are equipped with the access they need to contribute to the success of your marketing efforts.​

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