Five Tier Connect for Higher Education and E-Learning

Connected Media is the best solution for higher education and e-learning institutions to build their brand and grow enrollment.

This cutting-edge approach leverages comprehensive data analytics to identify and target the best prospects for a given university or learning center. Five Tier, the world’s leading Connected Media platform, has worked with several universities – both public and private – as well as global continuing education companies such as New York University and Kumon Learning Centers.

By utilizing Five Tier’s Connect technology platform, universities and learning centers can identify potential applicants who have yet to select an educational institution, strategically reach them with information aligned to their interests, and engage them to request more information, apply, and eventually attend if accepted.

Five Tier’s Connect platform provides an in-depth look into a potential student’s digital footprints, giving users the ability to track and analyze billions of queries, calls, and events. This data is then segmented and organized to target the right prospects. Five Tier’s Connect solutions allow universities and learning centers to measure and test the impact of campaigns, and make informed decisions with real-time optimization.

The power of Connected Media offers the benefit of executing a strategic, targeted approach which can result in higher enrollment and more efficient utilization of resources.

Overall, connected media provides the ideal solution for universities and learning centers of all sizes to differentiate their brand, reduce the cost of enrollment, and improve conversion rates through personalized, tailored communications. Five Tier’s Connect technology platform has already helped many universities and learning centers successfully reach their brand awareness, audience engagement, enrollment objectives.

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