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When VH1 called us late on a Friday to boost audience participation for the upcoming awards airing on their network, we faced a tight two-week deadline. The target was set: to achieve 10,000 additional votes, we needed at least 40,000 more visits to the voting page, which required us to reach between 600,000 to 800,000 individuals. We crafted a robust cross-channel strategy with a strong focus on influencer marketing.

We swiftly pinpointed the essential metrics and associated costs, built a resonant communication strategy, and deployed effective recruitment and monitoring tools.

Our efforts paid off remarkably. Not only did we meet our target in under ten days, but we also surpassed it. We secured millions of impressions, drove over 100,000 additional site visits, and garnered more than 18,000 votes. Plus, we cultivated a valuable network of influencers in key markets—a lasting asset for future campaigns.

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