Cost per Thousand (CPM) Impression Pricing and Recommended Bidding

We are often asked what an appropriate Cost per Thousand (CPM) impression bid should be. We separate our recommendation out into three categories:

Low Bid - $10 to $50

Standard - $50 to $100

Premium - $100 and up

Why such a descrepancy in pricing?

With Five Tier, you have the ability to reach individual consumers in home or on the go. Pricing bakes in costs to access data, real time reporting, full funnel attribution technology, and preferred relationships with our network that allows for highly targeting pay per play buying.

Think of "low bid" as most traditional, with limited targeting aside from day parting. Placements run across networks, optionally at your choosing, when slots are available. We recommend a low bid strategy when you are not targeting networks and just want to get the word out. Low bid works best when setting a geographic audience, day parting, and limited network targeting. Your program will still run efficiently, goals will still be hit, but you may see an array of placement locations that do not include premium name brand networks.

Standard pricing increases the amount of targeting available and quality of network placements.

Premium pricing allows you to directly attribute placements to activity using preferred top tier data providers.

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