Social List Building and Outreach

Overview You can use Five Tier Connect to build both B2C and B2B lists that pull directly into our customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Once lists are imported, use our integrated email blaster and text messaging tool to communicate with contacts. The notes and classification features lets you manage cohorts of contacts easily, and all of this is done in one convenient place! Ingredients - B2C or B2B List Builder - CRM - Email Blaster - SMS/Text Message Center Steps

  1. Input Instagram pages for B2C list building or search criteria to use on LinkedIn for B2B list building.

  2. Wait 24 hours for the initial list to pull or for contacts to reply.

  3. Schedule email outreach to reach the most people the fastest.

  4. Use text messages to communicate in a more personal manner.

  5. Log all notes and categorize contacts in the CRM. Tips When reaching out to people, use a friendly, personal tone. Be transparent: tell them that you found there contact information online and that you think you have an opportunity that may interest them. Be respectful if they are not interested or ask to unsubscribe.

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